Got to the boss in the game. What to do next?

I understand that much has already been said @Fluxxx . But now our Guild is beginning to crack at the seams . All the old players are tired, tired of the fact that there are no new movements. All overclocked, all weapons bought, stars in the test filled with a bunch of above 2,000 there is no sense of the beat, to and awards to be ashamed of. The distance is passed in three hours-twice. Outpost bored, all the same. The game has become static for many. NG you need to urgently change the policy, not only to correct errors and add different filters improving the functionality. Guys need the dynamics of the game(something that gave the war) but some wars can not eat. @Fluxxx You have made a great game that really like many around our world, but you need to urgently revive the old men in the game. Understand that the game is commercial, and newcomers long to develop generating income. But a lot of forums including this one, where you write about the fatigue experienced players. Maybe you need our help with something ? I am sure many will support me! English not my native language, hope mistakes not very many )) all good sentiments !


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    Thanks @Fluxxx . We are looking forward to hearing from you. I wrote the first message to say that we are also from other countries are all very much waiting for changes. Thank you for your feedback.
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    Yay @Fluxxx !!!
    I heard GW’s is the absolute priority. That’s all I need to know.

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