Why don't gold jackpots fall in challenges?

I scored 1,800 stars and zero gold jackpots for the entire event, how is that possible ? @Fluxxx


  • psychwolf
    psychwolf Member Posts: 1,404 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yeah, it isn't very consistent. I only got one but other players got many. Seems to be one extreme or the other.
  • rogueDS
    rogueDS Member Posts: 598
    I got 2 I think maybe 3 but no more than that and i got 1859 stars I know it's crazy. All random luck. I have not bought gas for a weekend event in a long time because of this. No reason to spend time and money and get nothing out if it
  • Krieg
    Krieg Member Posts: 259
    Same. I put up just over 1,500 stars and got ZERO gold jackpots. Only got 2 or 3 silver ones as well.

  • mir
    mir Member Posts: 228
    It is suspected that the gathering of experience and the tomato is a chance for gold is higher than in the trials. As those who do not have level 72 and runs for the tomatoes, got two three gold jackpot. Is that possible @Fluxxx ? At the trials, a very small chance to get gold, so we did not get it. This has never happened before !!!