Does anyone know how to find out when you started playing the game?



  • TransmuteJun
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    I don't know the exact day I started playing, because I got a new iPad and when everything re-downloaded it re-dated the apps in my App Store history. But I just earned my 4th birthday badge on this forum (this morning) and I had been playing the game more than a week before i joined here.
  • Bogon
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    Jun 19 2017 for me -- wow seems shorter.
    I didn't link to Google Play until Nov that year, had to go to my wayback machine (journal)...
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    I can not remember the date. At that time there were still deadly missions.
  • Carl_s_Hat
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    November 14, 2015
  • Scowley
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    The app doesn't show the date I joined because I've changed tablets since then, however I joined the forum in May 2016 so it must have been before then.
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    For some I am sure it is a few weeks after the divorce papers got signed....
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    Aw! @vshield50 maybe it could also have brought a few people true love. #hopelessromantic #cantbetoopickywhenthepopulationisdwindling 😂 #lovetheoneyourewith

  • vshield50
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    > @Jenng said:
    > Aw! @vshield50 maybe it could also have brought a few people true love. #hopelessromantic #cantbetoopickywhenthepopulationisdwindling 😂 #lovetheoneyourewith
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    Very true. I found love in this game. Good call ;)