Training grounds

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So I had this idea a while ago but never posted it and the suggestion of special walkers in scavenges reminded me of it. So.

A new game mode, training grounds - it costs no gas and no rewards but most importantly no hospital time. you start a mission and choose the following, The map, the type of walkers and the level of walkers. You then play and see how your survivors do. If they get slaughtered no biggy.
The idea of this is that it gives you the ability to test out strategies, new hero’s, hero’s you don’t use very often, different badge styles, new weapons etc without fear of massive hospital time/wasted gas.
Currently the only way to test out your survivors against high level walkers is towards the end of your challenge where the gas price is ridiculous and hospital can cripple you.
I’ve often wondered if I could get shooter rick to work for me but never want to test it out. Is that green percent crit damage badge better than my legendary flat damage badge?
Could the zweilhandler give my bruisers that extra edge against high level fatties?
How many hits can eugune take from a level 40 spiker?
So many questions no way to find out.
I have no idea how much coding this would take but I for one would love to try some different combinations of badges, survivor teams etc
What do people think?
Oh and it keeps with the show too after the opening scene of this season.
What do you reckon @Fluxxx ?


  • mir
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    That's a great idea. Training must be! Distance, and tests are not associated with the hospital. Outpost allows you to add different zombies. All this to combine and finalize. And we will be happy.
  • Fluxxx
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    This is a very cool idea :) given that it would be, in a way, a new mode and would require work from pretty much everyone I can't say that it will be implemented at all in any foreseeable future, though.
    As you know GW is the priority right now, and we'll see what we'll prioritize after that - I think I mentioned this somewhere once, but we need to prioritize based on the ratio of effort and impact (this is very broadly speaking, of course), and as cool as the idea is, I don't see making it to the top of the list :/

    But you never know, we'll discuss eventually and see if anything is different then.
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    Another great idea is having a double token return for scrapping survivors.
  • Firekid
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    I was pretty sure that would be the answer but thought I might as well share it. Pin it on the board though even if it’s right at the bottom 😀
  • Artminius
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    edited October 2019
    @Fluxxx : Combine this idea with the (FREQUENT) requests to be able to test your Outpost setup. If Outpost is near the top of the list of 'next after GW', then running against yourself with no cost, consequences, or rewards could allow for most of the Training Grounds idea: Just remove your specials! Sure, sure--even better if you could promote your normal walkers above the level cap (even if only to 'test'); but at the least one could, for example, up the difficulty by running solo (that is, just End Turn after your one, being-tested survivor acts).

    Not quite two birds with one zone; but maybe 1.25 birds with one stone. :wink: