Extend alphas call.

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@Fluxxx any chance you could extend alphas call for an additional day? It’s no coincidence that you’ve run it on a Monday and Tuesday (as mentioned by another poster in the alpha call thread) but how about a bit of goodwill (what with recent “events”) and extend it to Wednesday so we can get some phones from the challenge?
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    @Fluxxx Or, how about you make a truly special event and run it all week? How much business does your model predict will be generated for any other hero call? You just ran the best hero calls in the game last week/weekend. I for one have zero interest in the upcoming "Zero Fest" 40 calls which will be surely upcoming. Be smart, capitalize on your best earning event possible at this very moment. I do buy the occasional $9.99 bundle to accumulate specific hero tokens or radios for their calls. I have zero interest in spending any money for anything in this game at the current moment other than trying to get Alpha to 5 star. Run it all the way until Sunday, and you will see the rewards financially. It's not difficult to see. What you have done with the timing of the first Alpha call is criminal. You should be held in contempt of court....
  • Firekid
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    I think asking for the whole week is a bit much. Let’s not be greedy here...
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    Shoot for the stars, settle for the clouds....
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    I'd like plenty of time to call for her as well. I only had 1 call, got 32. Scratching the surface of the 600+ I need to go legendary.
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    It's so calculated....Run the best possible calls you can (2X SR, HD, RGG, etc)...Wait until the 2 days where you collect barely any radios, then run the call everyone wants so you buy bundles! Rotten bastards.
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    I’m still not sold on Alpha..... LoL
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    See I’m okay with that it’s a business, back when they did really good double calls where you got the select hero almost every call and doubled. They would save Sasha, Michone, Abe, all till end so you would buy bundles which is logical.

    Now what I’m so dumb founded on is how they calculate bundle prices and how they can change from week to week.

    I will say I don’t see the purpose in Alpha so I didn’t use any radios on her, but I could end up regretting it down the road with a nerf on her.
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    @Firekid We'll extend the call by one day :)
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