Critical Aim, the return of the question that I don't know if somebody ask it before

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Hi there
Did somebody already ask this question :
Does critical aim works with revenge?
(note that for me, revenge isn't an overwatch fact because this action is at walkers turn)
@Fluxxx? Have you already answer this kind of question? Is that an interesting question? What came first, egg or chicken?


  • bladgier
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    Yes it does.

    Critical aim works with every attack, including overwatch.
  • Coolseb
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    I knew for overwatch. I just was asking myself what was the truly best ranged stunner traits 😉
  • zbot
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    @Coolseb from the 3.4 notes:

    Point Blank shot makes the distinction of overwatch, retaliate and revenge while Criticsl Aim only mentions normal attacks and overwatch specifically.

    New Traits

    Point Blank Shot (Hunter and Shooter Weapon Trait)
    Attacks towards enemies within {1/2/3} space(s) of you deal +20/30/40% additional weapon damage.
    The increments refer to trait level {Bronze/Silver/Gold}
    Note: Works with Overwatch, Retaliate and Revenge.

    Critical Aim (Hunter/Shooter Survivor Trait)
    Normal attacks have X% chance to stun a target regardless of Body Shots, and Critical Hits have Y% chance to stun a target. The stun lasts for 1 turn.

    Note: Works with Overwatch and is affected by Lucky.
  • Coolseb
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    @zbot means it clear.
    So critical aim doesn't work with revenge (and retaliate).
    Thank you sir
  • Fluxxx
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    Critical Aim should work with all attacks like @bladgier said, i thought I had added that to the update notes but seems not - will do that. Thanks for asking about it @Coolseb and pointing it out @zbot !
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