NW4 Team 2 Signup

vshield50 Member Posts: 2,243
Hey all,

It is nearly December and NW4 is looking to go live in February 😁🤗😁

Team 1 is being managed already but since there are so many people who may want to participate in NW this year, I am proposing those who would like to still play (and perhaps do not earn enough stars to qualify for team 1) have an opportunity to play.

Team 2 will not be allowed to "officially" compete for the gold metal in the event but a team can still be formed and that team can see how they would rank up unofficially.

Team 2 would still follow the same rules for NW and it would be an opportunity for those who want to play and push that week to be able to enjoy the experience.

I am not a Captain for NW for team 2 (or team 1) and I am I on team 2 at the moment (still need to qualify like everyone else). I also am not looking or asking to lead team 2 but as a baseline I am proposing that the top 20 scores (who do not make team 1) can qualify and play for team 2.

There is no major rush for this to happen right away (since it is an unofficial team) and we can get things organized as soon as we have a foundation but for now if anyone is interested in having a team 2 or being on it, we can get something going.

NW is a great experience and I encourage all interested to give it a shot! We can all come up with some chat rules of course but the rules to join team 2 would be top 20 scores (scores only). If you earn enough stars (to be top 20 for those playing) the week before NW starts than you will have spot on the team 😉

Hit me up on LINE or on forum (PM or otherwise) if you are interested in participating. NW is a competitive event so I stress again that qualifying for team 2 will be score based.

If this is already being managed then my apologies to the person who is already facilitating this (and I will pass any requests I get accordingly). I just hope everyone interested has a chance to play and we all have an opportunity to enjoy NW4 😁

Go team USA!!!