Question regarding Festive Lucille description

On the description of the Festive Lucille, it says that it attacks 3 enemies in front of you (aka wide arc) "stunning all targets." If that description is literal, it says to me that it WILL stun all 3 of the targets regardless of walker level, essentially a 100% razor weapon. I'm very hopeful that this is the case, but cannot find any confirmation. Can you help us clarify this @Fluxxx ?


  • Gothgul
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    Unlikely. Morgans staff and hockey stick say the same thing, or did. Not worded very accurately.

    Festive Lucille (Bruiser Weapon)
    Special Functionality: Attacks a three-space arc ahead of the user, stunning all targets. Charge attack is an extra attack that stuns all targets and inflicts guaranteed critical hit in a three-space arc ahead of the user. You can perform a normal attack on the same turn after using the charge attack.
    What I would like to know is, is the charge attack like a normal bruiser charge, or still just the 3 space arc, since the crit damage part says 3 spaces, and all bruisers will get a guaranteed crit on charge attacks. Either way, pretty nice considering you get an extra attack, extra chance to stun.
  • WellyLuga
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    It will be subject to the body shot mechanics like any other bruiser weapon. The charge is basically the same functionality of a warrior charge attack that doesn't have wide arc.
  • Krieg
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    It's actually Morgans radioactive staff from last season of Fear The Walking Dead.....

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    Barring body shot it will always stun

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  • MudMoccasin
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    Please OH PLEASE let it stun fat walkers.... Hopefully for several turns (at least 3)!!!
  • jrodrf2
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    > @Gothgul said:
    > Unlikely. Morgans staff and hockey stick say the same thing, or did. Not worded very accurately.

    I never realized those weapons said that as well. Oh well. A guy can dream🤷‍♂️