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Seasons greetings my fellow NML maniacs as well as @Fluxxx and Team. I had a few questions regarding the movements during GWB and beyond. As you may already know several top guild/families are built on the star count ranking and players move up or down between guild accordingly based on the stars they accumulated from challenge.

My questions are will GWB(Guild Wars Beta) starting on Monday affect these players movement abroad? Will there be a grace period to do movement prior to battle starting that day? Will players be locked in for the duration of the war and not be able to move guilds the following week? It would be nice to know some configuration so guilds can prepare members accordingly or even adjust how they operate in advance to make the experience better than the situations we had last year.

Aside from the issues with android users being locked out so far the update has gone amazing imo, keep up the good work @Fluxxx and it was a great idea to roll these out in stages so issues could be dealt with piece by piece, rather than an avalanche. Kudos for that 💯 Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone!


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    Great question! So guild movements are fine in this case. For each guild, the war takes into account the first 20 participants, so you'll have to make sure that those who will be moving, don't participate in any battles nor are they sign-up for a battle after the sign-up locks.
    Once they move, they'll be able to do battles in the guild that they move to.

    If a player plays a battle, or if they are signed up for the battle AFTER the sign-up locks, then they shouldn't leave the guild anymore since any newjoiner will not be able to participate in the war anymore.

    I hope this was clear, let me know if it wasn't though :)
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    Thanks @Fluxxx that does clear things up really good! So even if we have a player who is scheduled to be with us show up let’s say, Tuesday evening as long as they DO NOT participate in a battle with the guild they are leaving they will be able to participate with us Wednesday and beyond. I’m on the same page with you yes?
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    will guild wars be in january? no way to put saturday and sunday before winter event @Fluxxx??
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    They have stated it will be in January AFTER the winter even ends.
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    @Fluxxx , how long after winter event is the Guild Wars Beta test? Just checking so we can make plans accordingly.. LOL just getting excited
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    If everything goes as planned, we'll start the sign-up the week after the campaign ends, and the first battle will likely be on the Tuesday following that.
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    @Fluxxx , is the countdown timer showing when the signup period begins, or when the first war starts.
    Interested to find out where our guild can find the GW scheduler. Is you above comment still valid?

    "If everything goes as planned, we'll start the sign-up the week after the campaign ends, and the first battle will likely be on the Tuesday following that."

    Thanks for any info
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    @Fluxxx Will GW have different start time , living in the UK looks like the start time is going to be about 5:00 am