Carl's leader trait work twice or more throughout one turn.

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In the outpost my survivors attacked enemy survivor Carl. Throughout one turn his leader trait was activated at least two times. It's ok?


  • mimica
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    edited December 2019
    It's not ok, it's wonderful!! C'mon don't ruin it

    I know that some will suffer when they face my 80% DR, Revenge / Retaliate / Dodge / Bullet Dodge / Lucky Carl in GW 😏 once I get him full rerolled in 2023 or so and yes don't make weird faces, I named 5 traits, heros will have 5 traits in the future @Governator can confirm it 😂😂
  • ShadowWalker
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    This is actually how his trait is suppose to work, or at least always has worked. However, it shouldn't activate again in any subsequent turns.
  • Governator
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    Confirmed! It happens in 2022 when Skynet completely links to the NG servers in an effort to acquire enough information to destroy humanity. However, the bugs in the system create the 5th Hero Trait and crash Skynet. It takes 2 days to get the game back on line and the Forum goes nuts. Skynet is so ashamed, it self-terminates. Humanity is saved.

    Oh, that’s only in this time thread. But that’s OK. I’m elected President of the US in 2028 and launch all the nukes and destroy the world. Governator 2028: Saving us from Global Warming. I look forward to all your votes. :sunglasses:
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    Carl has one job, ONE JOB... Protecting my Outpost.

    Please, let him do his job? B) >:)

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  • Dunedan
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    There is a bug with Carl and his hero trait, Second Chance.

    Description: "Each of your survivors has a 45% chance to survive the first lethal attack against them."
    There were numerous times when this trait activated more than one times. There is one occasion when it activated 3 times, and alot when it activated 2 times on the same survivor. In its description, it writes "the first lethal attack against them". So I believe this is a bug and should be fixed.

    Will we get an answer from devs?