Thanks NG for the gift discount! Thanks to the entire EH family for all the gifts!

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I wish a good new year for the entire NML community, and also thank the whole EH family for all generosity, companionship and friendship. There were almost 400 gifts only on Legacy EH, and our other Guilds were also very generous.

I don't know if there's ever been a discount on gifts of that amount before, I just remember with 50% cost (200 gold), it was really amazing this time costing only 100 gold, thank you NG. @Fluxxx Repeat it more often. ;)

May everyone have a great 2020! Success and happiness for all walker killers! Stay safe out there! Happy 2020!


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    40,000 gold collectively spent, yeah I'd say that's pretty generous lol


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    Eh Family the Best guild