Open Letter to NML

vshield50 Member Posts: 2,243
Hey all. We have new things coming like GW beta, new updates, etc. That said it is my hope that we discuss those things that are close to the community in an open and constructive way.

A friend with a lot of authorulity spoke to me about having PMs with someone here who was or is here and all I want to say is this.

If there is an issue with me PLEASE, please PM me. This individual in particular does not want to talk on PM so that is done but I love him because of his comments, posts and videos are great for the community IMO.

I am good with him hating me or saying what he wants to say on the forum and if we don't get along in the foreseeable future then I have no choice but to accept that however if it makes the game better for all of us I am with it!

That said we have a LINE chat that is linked to Next Games (unofficially) where people can voice their appreciations and concerns.

If you would like to be invited there please reach out to vshield50 or any current member.