Guild Wars: Learn More button, dialog page 3 "Winning the war" redundancy

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The third paragraph about VP and RP multipliers is repeated in the fourth paragraph, which I suspect instead should say that the using the current Star Hero provides a multiplier to VP (but not to RP).

Close this post when reported to the developer backlog, please. I do not want notifications as everyone piles onto it with "Oh, and also THIS" and "GW is shit FU NG" and all that bullshit.
Thank you.


  • Jenng
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    ......... you could’ve just sent a pm.

  • Artminius
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    Huh. Yeah, I guess. Posting might ensure that he doesn't get 50 PMs with the same Bug. It's what I would want if I were CM reporting Bugs to backlog.
  • Artminius
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    (When I was telephone tech support for a game company, I'd post my own posts to let folks know of Known Issues, just to reduce calls and post redundancy!)