Slot plugs for smaller guilds in the War Planner

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edited January 2020 in Guild Wars Discussion
For GW play for guilds with less than 20 members, how about a “plug” concept (or call them passes, or whatever you want)? You have a set number you can use to plug one of your required seats. So, let’s say you have a total of 40 slots to fill, but only 16 players. In that case, your guild would get 8 (that is (20-16)x2) plugs to use on whatever days and challenges you see fit. So, if you only had 4 players sign up on a single day, you could use 1 plug so those 4 would play without penalty. If no one signs up one day, you automatically use up 5 of your plugs for that day. If you use up all of your plugs and you don’t have the minimum number of players (someone drops or leaves, etc.), then you forfeit that day, like what happens now when you don’t meet the minimum requirements. The number of plugs you get for each war will change based upon your current roster at the start of it.
It’s just a way to keep from penalizing players in guilds that don’t have a full complement of players. It’s hard enough to keep and retain players who fit in your guild. The actives who remain should still get a chance to participate, even if they won’t go as far as some full guilds and guild families. Thoughts?