How do you like this format of wars?

How do you like this format of wars:
1. Leave 5 participants to the battle and 2 battles for the war
2. Leave the battle as 22 hours
3. Give each member their own card, not one common
4. Increase from 20 attacks to 50-100
5. Victory points for each battle to reduce by 2.5-5 times, as the number of attacks increased by 2.5-5 times
6. Add information to the battle, something like this: 1 spiked, 2 armored, walking appear through the course and so on
7. At the end of the battle, the sum of all points is added up from all 5 participants to the total amount and from this it is calculated which guild won
8. To postpone the time the beginning of the battle to the same as the start of all tests
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  • rogueDS
    rogueDS Member Posts: 598
    I think that is way to many attacks. I would go 25 maybe 30 max. The strategy is great. If you have 100 attacks 1 top player can finish it all on their own and leave nothing for everyone else. Nice reward points for them.
  • Troublemaker
    Troublemaker Member Posts: 1,459 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Better than previous, although very grind'ish and boring.

    I don't understand how NG took 1 year to present us this.
  • Meli
    Meli Member Posts: 1
    We definitely need more attacks.. 20 just doesn't cut it. Maybe if they regenerated over time like gas cans?
  • Survivor_Sheila
    Survivor_Sheila Member Posts: 10
    edited January 2020
    Don't like this version. First level/row is up to 8 levels higher than my guys. How am I supposed to really participate if I can barely get through the 1st level?
  • Firekid
    Firekid Member Posts: 3,191 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Survivor_Sheila 1A is the same Level as your survivor. 9 missions. 2A or bonus +1 or 2 so another 9/6 missions. Then a couple of human enemies. Attacks used and guild helped by unlocking harder ones and gain vp.
  • Valkyrie69426
    Valkyrie69426 Member Posts: 12
    For the most part I enjoyed the new format. 20 hits is plenty, having the planner is great as we scheduled around everyone in the Guild. The levels are not bad, if you are lower level take the A route. I do have a couple if issues, if level 31 we should not be facing level 32 Metalheads, tanks or Spikey dudes out of the gate. Also you haven't fixed spawning of walkers to be spread out when facing human enemies. They will mostly spawn on our side and sometimes won't even attack them but chase after us instead.
  • tus
    tus Member Posts: 43

    Great idea @Goat358 , that the guild leader can rearrange & dismiss members from certain Wars while plugging gaps to fill slots.
  • MaD VapoR
    MaD VapoR Member Posts: 36 ✭✭✭
    agree with goat
  • capibara
    capibara Member Posts: 6,223 ✭✭✭✭✭
    jps said:

    agree with goat

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  • masmith93
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    I’m thrilled Guild Wars are back - I really enjoy them. My thoughts on the Beta test:

    Sign up in advance (also a con, people forget and don’t login)
    Length of time - helpful, esp with people in various countries, though I think it could be reduced to 20 hours - the same as the radio tent.

    20 Sabers is not enough (if you want to limit sabers - ok (??) - but put any unused sabers in a pool for the rest of those signed up 3-5 hours before the end of the war and/or allow players to push unused sabers for others to use (max of two?) if they can’t defeat the remaining levels.

    3+ years into this game and our guild chat still SUCKS (don’t @ me about Line etc, I know). If this format remains of signing up days in advance, include a notification to those who signed up. And/Or implement @Goat358’s suggestion of giving the more power to Guild Leaders. If A guild member hasn’t logged in for a few days, we (Guild Leaders) should be able to pull and reassign other people to that slot. Or reassign for a more balanced battle.

    Two wars per cycle is B.S. I understand if you have a full guild, it allows everyone two chances to play - BUT not every guild is full and people in full guilds don’t all want to play GWs or can’t defeat level 29+ - so THIS LIMIT DOES NOT WORK.

    In other news, I’m really looking forward to how guild wars gas will be reappropriated. I had a LOT.
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