GWB's feedback

Coolseb Member Posts: 198 ✭✭✭
The level is obviously high at seeing your survivor usually one shot lvl 39/40 walkers repeating bodyshots several times at lvl 36/38.
Ok ok, let's forget last maps. lvl 41/45 in that case is reserved to very better players than me and waste of time and points. You really must take care of the few tries you got to perform. It is really high tactically yet. Let's take attention to our gold stock too..
Let's talk about the opponents.
For a most competitive and appraciated experience, it is say that you'll front equivalent of your 5 player team, isn't it? Ok ok. I just front a top 100 player in his silver II tier guild, all mates with 4 pinkies heroes and survivors. As the best of ours may have maximum 2, maybe 3 survivors with.... 3 pinkies (only one for my case). But we're proud, fair and smart, honoring the battle in doing our best, whatever knowing at start that this is an already lost one. I forgot : we're tiered bronze II with no top 100 ranked into this 5 players team. Something may be wrong with rank notion. Or it may just be me.
How to say? I appreciated GW came back, almost to play to it. Still need to ameliorate it. That is my point of view.