Success of Guild Wars Beta

It is definitely success. Why? Let me remind you what problems we had in GW when first released.

-Lag, Lag, lag...
-You play and nothing counts,
-IOS users had big advantage
-Missions pointless, easy and needed to be played quick and brainless just to do more then others, if your fast phone/time allows you to
-Only strategy was "let's all jump into same enemy mission and earn more points"

Are this problems solved in GW Beta?
So, it's a success.

Now, what are new problems, and how to make it right, that's something else, and we need to work on it as a community. But it's a good start.

Most important is to realise how much potential this have - just look at forum threads. So many of them last week. It's big excitement out there
In challenge everyone are on their own, with this you really have a feeling you do something together as a guild. Good chance to bond with your team mates

What is needed to be reworked i will tell in some other thread. Here i just want to say that is going in right direction, biggest problems are solved. I am sure NG already know what is not working properly and investigating.
I just want to give support and keep up the good work!