Jenng’s equally deep anal ........ysis of GWB

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So much time

The patiently waiting has come to fruition. Finally. It really happened. We played. As a beta tester for the original GW’s and really enjoying the mode I was extremely hopeful and slightly skeptical of the new version. I honestly didn’t like it at all.......... at first. My mind has been somewhat changed and my first impressions do not reflect my current observations of the beta guild wars.

The battle plan map/sign up sheet is a good start in organizing the teams but I wish there was a date or the day named on them.

To me ........, and this might change with time, the mode doesn’t feel as exciting and war’ish as the original, it feels similar to a distance or challenge but maybe that’s not necessarily bad being as they’re both familiar to NML. I do like working with my guild and I like that even the lower level players can contribute pretty evenly.

I’m in a casual guild and I got to play both of my allotted times. I think the more actives of the guild all did and while at first I didn’t think that was enough, I actually think that it might be 🤷‍♀️ with everything else there is to play in game I wouldn’t want to feel pressured to participate in more than a few. The 20 attacks are fine if you strategically use them for the best points at your skill capability.

I actually really liked having heal time available and not feeling so rushed to burn up gold for healing.

And I got me a winter bow!!! I didn’t have one and now I do!