My opinion on the Star-Hero in 'Guild Wars' & Attacks !

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So I don't like the Star Hero at all. For one thing, you are always forced to play with the same hero in the lead.
You have no options for your own strategies, just the two remaining places. On the other hand, you can't do it without the Star-Hero either because you lose too many points.
Furthermore, not everyone has upgraded every hero. I think this is a very unbalanced aspect in GW's. The worst are the star heroes that nobody ever plays.
At the far corner. Best of all on level 21. I think they have to remove it or change something. I don't want to be forced to push a particular hero for an event that I never need afterwards.

Attacks: Just increase it slighty 25-30 that's all and it would be perfect.




  • MrChris
    MrChris Member Posts: 159
    If the world was so perfect and simple, it would be boring. Maybe if hero is not a leader but just a part of team it would be more fair?
    Agree with increasing attacks to 25.
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    I think that is an excellent compromise @MrChris

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  • Grendel
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    I wouldn't mind seeing the Star Hero GW boost go away completely. It is another factor that limits player ambition. ("I guess I will use Star Hero Tomato Glenn and run L36 maps instead of running L38 maps with my optimal team since doing so will net me 8 extra VP...")

    Requiring the Star Hero to just be a team member instead of leader is better than the current system.

    Maybe have one Guild Wars Featured Hero with boosted stats from each class to help acommodate different player styles and offer choices? (The current Star Hero system could work as-is for other game modes; just no GW bonus.)

    No one is going to be happy when we are stuck with Star Hero Tara for two weeks. Star Hero Maggie was painful in the original GW.
  • 3vilrine
    3vilrine Member Posts: 257 ✭✭✭✭
    @MrChris Maybe if hero is not a leader but just a part of team it would be more fair?

    I like that idea. Would be a beginning ... not to be forced to use a "leader hero".
    GENERALR20BR Member Posts: 25
    @3vilrine 100% agree with you it would be great to take it there msm cuz sometimes nn pays off takes a certain hero star in the battle german you lose him dps has to spend to fix ...!

    and I also wanted them to paste 30 attacks it would be perfect msm cuz 20 nn to play for 30 I think it would give 1 little more free it’s perfect they need 3 battles for each player equal in the last general war never complained about so much plays I think 2 very few to spend money nn it needs to play 1 or 2 because there are more weapons qm nn it could be 1 chancer to have several weapons like me ...
  • VitoFirst
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    edited January 2020
    MrChris said:

    If the world was so perfect and simple, it would be boring. Maybe if hero is not a leader but just a part of team it would be more fair?

    It definitely would be more fair and give players opportunity for using some flexible tactics. As ATLAS-Z said, it would be a compromise if NG didn't want to remove that star-hero extra-VP completely. I really don't like using Gabe as a team-leader...
  • magic
    magic Member Posts: 197
    Suggestion: You can have a couple of random nodes where the star hero doubles VP. Then you don't have to use star hero all the time, and it would be a matter of tactic which of the nodes you will prioritize.
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