No Man's Land Won't Load and I Have No backup for it* (Explained)

I play Walking Dead No Man's Land on my chromebook and have never had any issue with it ever, and today i booted it up to collect my stuff etc, and it would not load, it would load until 50 percent and would not go any further for like 15 minutes, i tried turning on and off my device and it still wouldn't work. It plays the opening music like it's supposed to but it doesn't go past the 50 percent mark. It usually loads very fast but since it loads slowly up to 50 percent.

For The data backup issue, I had a google play account that I used for many games, i used it with my school email so that may be the reason why the account decided to have a stroke and be unusable/unaccessible. It Doesn't allow me to go into the settings and correct anything either. It disabled my account for that so i have not been able to properly save my game on the cloud.

It had been like that for a year and a half, and I made a LOT of progress on the game, we're talking around 8 new heroes and from council level 7 to 14. With me turning Negan, Daryl and Jesus into 5 star heroes. If i have to delete the game, it may not keep all of the progress that I made, I attempted to use a different account for google play but was unable to save it on that either, because it says only 1 base for every google play account. I updated it to the newest version too.