theres 25 battles.. i can only complete 2 sectors, I am then left with 7 battles and it costs 9 to finish a sector. So someone else comes in and finishes and gets the 20 points..can we have at least 27 battles so we can finish 3 sectors. Just a thought..


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    In fact, you don't need to close the sector alone, GW is a collective game mode, to be played as a team, so the bonus of completing the sector goes to all the guild players in the battle, everyone wins.
  • TJCart
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    If you're talking about the 20RP bonus for completing the sector, then you are correct, they get 20 RP, BUT you ALSO get the 20 RP bonus. Any bonuses from completing a sector go to the entire team in that battle.

    Just like if someone else completes a Bonus sector, all team members get that class boost. So, the RP bonuses go to the entire team which means that it is in your best interest to clear as many sectors as possible as a team, not individually (if it takes away from what your other team members complete).