Point multiplier at the end of the battle

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@Fluxxx @Vane

The reduction of the points multiplier for the winner of the battle, from 2X to 1.5X, together with the big increase in the price of items in the GW store, seems to have been exaggerated, there is an imbalance in the values.

Could it be that in the next week of GW, we could do the test with a fairer value?

Maybe 2X for the winner and 1.5X for the defeated guild.
Or, increase from 10RP to 15RP for each completed mission, and from 20RP to 30RP for each completed sector.


  • Paste
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    Yes please. This is a smart quick fix. You over nerfed the rewards NG.
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    My guess is that NG knows what they're doing when it comes to the amount of rewards they want to give out. Last season we got lucky since they upped the attacks without adjusting prices.

    Out of curiosity, the max amount of rewards that could be received for a perfect winning season:

    Per battle:
    250RP from attacks + 260RP from 13 sector clears x 1.5 multiplier = 765 RP

    So the season total would be 6,120RP max. While this is virtually impossible to achieve, it also makes an interesting comparison to the guild shop total available items. The shop contains a total stock of items worth 31,850RP.

    This shows that it was never the intent of NG to allow even getting close to "buying out the shop," which is fine, but even when you look at "useful groups" of items, there isn't enough RP to buy what you'd want, especially when you consider what more realistic RP seasons earnings would be.

    I never try to be one that's a greedy whiner, especially since I'm mainly F2P, but damn, these numbers make NG look downright stingy.
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    I agree, and think they’ve missed the mark with this, I’m all for not being able to buy everything but for a lot of people it’s going to be 4 weeks of playing to get a harpoon and a few components which is not right if you ask me. In previous guild wars (glitch wars) you felt you were getting a pretty good haul each week. Not so much this time.