How many people still play NML?

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    In my opinion the key to NML and it’s players is it’s age. You have quite a few old Guild Families that have been around since the beginning or close to it. The majority of players in them have been with that Guild set anywhere from the Guilds beginnings to over 2 years. They are established, comfortable and happy playing with the friends they’ve made.
    With the introduction of Nation Wars, our Guild players began to mingle with each other and make friends outside their Guild Families. If we have a player leave now maybe every few months) they aren’t leaving the game. They are off to join DTP, Legacy, Mavericks, etc... We (Brexit_UK) do get the occasional new player, but mostly we get established ones from DTP, Legacy, Mavericks, etc...
    in a sense, these old Guild Families are just swapping about players these days and our Guilds are pretty much full up.
    It also doesn’t hurt that NG has been creative with the weapons over the last year. Dragon’s Tongue, Buckshot Shotgun, Harpoon Gun, now a Grenade Launcher... This give the older players something to get excited about and experiment with and laugh and cry with their guild mates over the results.
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