Does the level of clan rewards change?

Hello, I would like to know if the levels of the rewards of the BRONZE 1 clan to which you are at any time change ... in my case my clan is BRONZE 3 tomorrow SILVER 1?

I ask because the previous GW never changed to Silver 1 😪


  • TJCart
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    For these Guild War Beta seasons, the full guild shop is unlocked at Bronze I and the shop will not change levels as your team level increases for the season.

    According to NG however, this will be a feature that is implemented on normal seasons where additional guild shop rewards unlock and become available as your team ranking increases.
  • Belgarath
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    Also, didn't the modifier to victory and reward points for winning a battle use to increase as you reached higher tiers with your guild? Wonder if they will bring that back as well...
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    If you are right, the battles increased to 4 Wars (the other time were 2 Wars) and the prices increased as well, but they lowered the X2 of the victory to 250 reward tokens for victory cloth fence ... they could see left the rewards and prices equal and see added some 10 tokens to spend everything ...

    thanks for answering so fast mates 😉👌
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    Many colleagues believe that this GW is not affordable but well, it has already started and we will get everything that is good is 😂