3 players view missions differently in the same sector

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@Fluxxx , @Vane

We were finishing a GW battle in my guild, and calculating how many more points we could add to the few attacks left for our player, so we started to discuss which sector was the most advantageous for that moment.

Then it started with each player reporting something different, and then 3 players captured the image at the same time, and then we were surprised to realize that each of us was seeing the sector in a different way.

One player saw the entire sector clean, with none of the missions completed, the other saw all the missions done, with only the enemy missions remaining to complete the sector and I saw that there were only 2 missions done and the other missions still pending.

You can see that all the images refer to the same sector (2B), and I claim that they were captured at the same time. The battle is still active, as it is today, and everyone is still seeing the sector differently.



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    Good data reporting. What's more interesting is the guild scores show that #1 and #3 are at least synced in their score reporting, yet the map synchronization is still off.

    I wasn't in battle today, but some teammates reporting seeing several bugs today as well. The spectator map showed a lot of errors similar to yours with incomplete missions, yet eliminated enemies, but by this point I'm used to the spectators view being out of sync.
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    That bottom screenshot is mine. I was a spectator for this battle... what's also strange is that it shows under "find and eliminate" that the enemies are eliminated (red cross through them) while they in fact weren't... also none of those levels were actually played.

    Another thing to note is that we ended up with 4058 against 4057 when all of our attacks were gone and it stayed like that for hours. But at the end of the battle, all of a sudden the others had 16 points more, while all their individual scores were the same.

    I mean I could understand that the scores are not synced up all the time, but that should never be longer than a couple of minutes maximum (I'd even argue seconds)... But how is it possible to stay like that for hours and then all of a sudden change and pull the rug from under us? How can we get any planning done this way?

    It's not like this is a MMORPG guys. This is really simple real time client server stuff, please get it together!
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    This undermined our strategy, but we were still able to win the battle by 1 point difference.

    We took a screenshot 3 minutes before the battle ended and we were winning, then when the battle ended, our opponent also took a screenshot showing that we won the battle, but incredibly for us the game shows that we were defeated also, that is, the 2 guilds lost.

    Nobody won this battle? It really frustrates the players.

    @Fluxxx , @Vane Is there any possibility of recounting the points and considering one of the 2 winning guilds so that they can earn 1.5% of victory points?

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    It's a spectator bug I'm pretty sure. I've had it happen several times where the spectators see the missions grayed out as if completed but the players in the battle saw them as uncompleted.

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    Regarding the initial post, it'll fix itself with a game restart, but yes, it's very tedious and makes coordinating harder - we're investigating this along with the scoring issues.

    As for the double loss battle, I replied here. But in short, could you PM me with the date of this battle, if you haven't submitted a support ticket already?
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    @Fluxxx It was battle 6, yesterday (Sunday).