Fluxxx Interview out now! Watch here

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Ladies and Gentlemen

On Thursday you will be able to once again see and hear Fluxxx talking about the game in a more informal manner (not NG Update vids)

Book your VIP tickets now at fluxxxstartv.com. Join us on this Premiere at 8PM UTC Time. Live chat will be open for everyone.

Subtitles are included in the video for those who can't listen. Please note translations aren't word by word.


Question Timestamps:

0:48 Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How you end up working for NG?

2:50 Is there something in the game that you have had to really fight for?

7:10 Can we have some synergy between the various different modes of the game?

10:30 What is your A Team?

11:35 When are you going to do a Guild Tour?

12:55 Will NG separate Guild War Healing as with Distance?

14:25 Are you planning to add more Story Missions?

15:00 Will we ever see real time PVP?

16:05 Will we ever be able to share resources with Guild Mates?

17:20 In GW how do you know what Survivors are on defence?

18:43 Will we be able to choose our own Group time for Battle Start?

20:50 Will we be able to choose who gets treated first in the Hospital?

23:00 Can we have a better system for when changing characters when choosing survivors?

24:15 Will it be possible for Guild Leaders to remove signed members from Battles?

25:40 Would it be possible to see information about survivors’ abilities, damage and defence as well as equipment traits on them during missions?

27:50 What are you Survivor Levels and Council Level? Did you play NML before joining NG?

28:30 What Hero/Villain do you still want added to the game? Do you watch the show?

29:13 Will we see you in the game as a Hero?

30:25 Will Groups with less people be at a disadvantage?

32:00 Will Group Alliances be able to connect better inside the game?

33:40 Will we ever be able to Re roll Traits on Gear?

34:47 Will we ever see Elite Gear?

36:00 When will burn be removed when using spears on burning walkers?

37:15 Will we ever be able to use lower rarity Badges to craft higher Rarity ones?

38:20 Talking about PW Distance Revamp Idea

43:00 How did you come up with Beta's Leader Trait?

48:36 Ending

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