Stuck in a Sticky Situation

So I'm currently trying to finish the campaign and I'm now at Chapter 9: The Pursuit, now I've been trying to finish it for days now but I'm currently stuck at Mission 4: Puzzled, any tips or guide on how to clear the mission?


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    Hard to give concrete advice as I can't remember that mission and can't replay it.

    But here are three general tips:
    - if there is a threat counter, use a threat reducing scout weapon or otherwise silent team (Hunter Daryl in lead, Winter Bow etc) and try to reduce the threat to zero always before the counter goes to zero
    - take a paus in the campaign and wait until you have leveled up your guys and equipment. there is no need yo hurry the missions
    - wait until there is a good class bonus. We now had charged assaults, which also works in the campaign, so you could do a charge attack right away with assaults. Wait for a suitable bonus for your team and then try (it changes weekly).
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    Thank you kind stranger! I'll be sure to keep this in mind.