Adding more sectors to the map

I think, to everyone be able to reach their potential as guild, more options, more sectors to play are very important. Speaking as a member of one of the strongest guilds in this game,even there, some players have problems with doing maps above lvl40 ( or afraid to go there because of bigger failure chance)
Then again, those players are more then capable of doing 36-40 lvl. Maps under 36 are pretty easy and they are kind of forced doing those, rushing through it without much joy.

I believe adding 1-E ( 37-39) , 2-E(36-38) and 3-F(39-41) is much needed. I believe all top 100 guilds will like this because they don't go after 4-E(39-41) , this difficulties i mentioned are most enjoyable for majority of players, and it's a shame there is only few sectors in that range.
Also, this will allow having difficulties 36-41 in other areas(forrest, junkyard) not just sanctuary !