Is there a bug with the "fast walker" ?

3vilrine Member Posts: 257 ✭✭✭✭
There is a weird bug with these fast walkers, I experienced that on "Battlegrounds" and "The Garden", unfortunately I did not made a video of it. I attacked them with Jesus and they got no damage at all and my turn is gone and they still have full HP, like the attack is disappearing. On "The Garden" it was the second attack after the charge attack ...
maybe someone else noticed that, did not saw a post here.

sry did not saw the post from Fluxxx
they can dodge attacks lol not even know that, cos last time we got fast walker was long time ago ..


  • Belgarath
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    Yeah, that dodge can be a real pain in the ass... :)
  • ADPaq
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    They're a barrel of fun when they repeatedly dodge multiple bruisers with retaliate and punish.

    They're such an awesome addition. I can't wait for the next iteration.
  • Belgarath
    Belgarath Member Posts: 105
    Next will be the fast tank... He can dodge and stun! ;)
    WE_ARE_FEAR Member Posts: 4
    They dodge grenades too.....
    I think it's one of the most ridiculous additions to the game since Rufus.
    I get Spikeys and Chromeheads.....
    But walkers that have stealth and can dodge attacks including bullets and freaking grenades and I imagine bazookas as well, and then come at you with Ninja speed.....
    That just starts getting desperate and stupid.