What happens with Double scrapping...

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....if I buy an XP booster?

Do I get double the double amount?


  • TJCart
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    <del class="Delete">Yes.</del> Actually, let me let someone else answer that. I know if it's a double XP from missions event that the XP is quadrupled with a booster, but I actually don't know from experience for the equipment scrap event. It's just an assumption.

    EDIT: Updated answer. Hmm that was weird.
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    If you buy an XP booster, all "XP transactions" are doubled, though the value may not show immediately. If you scrap gear during the 2x XP gear scrapping event, the values shown on the screen are already doubled from the event and if you scrap gear under a 2x XP booster you get double the already doubled valued shown.

    So yes, using XP booster during 2x scrapping will provide 4x XP, but I don't recommend buying an XP booster for this sole purpose because realistically you can only upgrade 3 each of high level pieces of gear and survivors before XP maxes out unless you use a significant amount of gold to speed up the process. If they offered 5s gear or survivor upgrades in addition to 2x scrapping values, then it makes sense to buy an XP booster. But they do this purposely so players spend gold, which I understand. Likely this coming Mon will be "Tomato Mon-Tue" and the following Mon-Tue the 5s upgrade times. They run same old events over and over into the ground.

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    Double XP from kills and scrapping should ideally be accompanied by 5 sec upgrades. I still have quite a few weapons for scrapping but the 10 million limit stops me from scrapping them. Well, will wait till next time.

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