Ten useful tips for new players

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Hey boys & girls, just a copy-paste of the 10 most precious advices in my humble opinion for newbies like myself & "middle level" players, that I found here & there browsing this very forum.

All credits to the respective owners who originally posted (and helped us with) those.

Please feel free to contribute and comment if you like, especially if you are a veteran NML player and you see useful stuff missing.

Here goes:

1 Don't underestimate the value of overwatch, try to use it when strategically necessary.

2 Keep a low-level item of each type around so that you can swap your best weapon and armor off of a survivor that is injured.

3 When you hit a stunned opponent, this will always result in a critical hit (bruisers where you at).

4 If you're at the end of a mission where all that's left is to get to the exit, you can perform one final attack as your last player moves into it before the missions ends.

5 Remember that the story mode can be replayed twice (in hard and nightmare mode).

6 The hero leader trait only affect your team if the leader is in the first position.

7 Don't neglect upgrading your tents and farms because you will need those resources more and more as you level up your council.

8 Join a guild that fits you, a friendly local one preferably with lots & lots of stars!!! Help them with your earnings and get helped by joining the conversation.

9 Remember what Darryl taught you :wink:

10 HAVE FUN :smile:

Thanks for reading this,