DT or PJ?

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I’m about to hit 2000 reward points and am wondering if the Pickle Jar could be useful, or whether it is the worthless novelty it appears to be and I’m much better off getting a 2nd Dragon Tongue. Thoughts? Anyone have the PJ?


  • psychwolf
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    I got the second DT since it's the only good warrior weapon. No thoughts on PJ, I have the golden assault rifle and grenade launcher so they're enough.
  • MrChris
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    It's not good, but DT at beginning also was decent. NG may change it in future. In this GWs you may be able to hit lot of points so you can buy both ;-) after 3 battles and 3 wins I got 5060. All reroll tokens and second DT already bought.
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  • Burmeliinis
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    Personally I wouldn't buy the Pickle Jar. The main point of it is that it doesn't create threat, but I can't think of any situation where you would use an assault when threat is an issue. In those cases you want a threat reducing weapon (which the Pickle Jar isn't) and you want to get those walkers killed in order to get the threat reduced. The Pickle Jar's low damage does not help with that either.

    There are some rare cases ("Into the Woods" come to mind) you might want a multi-hit ranged silent weapon, but a Hunter rifle with the Silent trait works better there.

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  • EngAamie
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    i got my 2nd DT, already fully upgraded.