new LT

i think we shoud have a melee LT like alpha one, we have abe and jesus with similars LT, maybe the LT of ezekiel or negan should be changed to that one, it could be a bit nerfed, but would be nice have more % of less chance to body shots on melee and maybe the extra move on body shot(maybe it could be overpower, so it can not be added to the LT)


  • psychwolf
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    Posting on behalf of a guildmate. Either way, these heroes need attention. Along with Sniper Morgan.

    EZEKIEL: In overwatch Retaliate has 45% chance to stun normal walker.
    JERRY: Successfull Bodyguard if near a walker also push back one step all the walker types.
    ROSITA: Single target critical hit will give next attacker a 30% chane to gain charge point.
    GOVERNOR: Can throw grenades twice in one turn.
    NEGAN: In low health does not bleed. Attacks will result 20% less in body shots.
  • ghost_pepper
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    edited June 2020
    Jerry better not trigger before bruisers punish and possibly stun.

    Rosita will be both Rosita *and* Sasha? I'm sure there's an Abe joke in there about having your cake and eating it too!
  • Firekid
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    I think Jerry’s only change needs to be change Chance of damage reduction to chance of bodyshot. That would make him much much more useful.
  • LoneWanderer360
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    Jerry's trait should remove the modifier 'adjacent.' How often are all your heroes bunched up in a group?
  • ShadowWalker
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    I actually don't mind the condition of being adjacent to Jerry, but then the damage reduction should be guaranteed, not a percent chance.
  • Governator
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    Does Jerry's LT still work when you are next to his corpse while walkers are eating him? :sunglasses:
  • bladgier
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    > @Governator said:
    > Does Jerry's LT still work when you are next to his corpse while walkers are eating him? :sunglasses:

    Yes, you have 50% chance to be 50% less dead, works with every bite 😂