Question about Guild Wars BETA Season 4

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The first question is whether we will have a season 4 BETA, or if the 3 seasons we have played was enough to define a Guild Wars format?

The second question is: if you have season 4 BETA, when will it start? Will we have a good rest period?

A final request, whatever the GW format, please do not execute it every week, we need a week of rest between wars.

A suggestion: In the GW Ranking, we currently have 3 options: War, Season and Total. I think we could have one more option, to see only the battle points of the DAY.
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    yeah @Fluxxx we all want to hear about it
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    I definitely don't wanna ruin my friend's @TCBRITO post, but honestly Guild Wars should just be canceled entirely.

    It's destroying the game and I've said it since first installment.

    It can't be fixed the way it is.
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    Before answering this, I want to note two things:
    1. Significant GW changes, especially format/design can only be done during updates. For example, in the first GW Beta iteration, we gathered enough feedback and data in the first season, but we ran season 2 upon players' request. Now, there's a significant proportion of the player base that mainly plays GW, so stopping it until the next update would not be well received by many. So while season 4 will run, we can't make any major changes to it.
    2. The GW seasons also affect our development cycles. For obvious reasons, we don't want to release an update mid-season, so we always have to wait until the end. This means that to extend breaks or alter durations, we would also have to push back update dates and adjust schedules.

    So with those two points in mind, there will be a week-long break after this season ends (spend your RP points please!), then Season 4 will begin after that.
    As for the option to see GW leaderboard rankings of the day, it's something to discuss for later as it doesn't take up much priority right now.