Leader trait

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Questions on leader traits working if the hero is NOT in the 1st position:

2 questions on this:
Does any leader trait work for just them?
Does any leader trait work for the entire team?


  • jimmorrison369
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    When leader, everyone enjoys.
    When not leader, it only applies on themselves.
  • euchid
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    Governor's leader trait does only work in 1st position, if you mean that.
  • reekookr
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    And betas leader trait, while your NOT struggling
  • Governator
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    edited June 2020
    And Jerry’s trait of reducing damage with adjacent ally applies if he’s in the leader spot. Another reason to never use him in non-leader spot.
  • Weg
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    Thanks all.
    I just didn't 100% know/remember if any hero leader traits worked for them or the team if they were not in the leader role.