Unacceptable guild names



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    Please delete them! Censorship isn't enough, I think. NG is not a platform for Nazis. 

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    If I am not mistaken nobody (including @Fluxxx who announced it in March 2020 😉) did mention the NML  Fair Play Policy (https://www.nextgames.com/fair-play/) so far which is pretty clear on this topic:
    "Arguments or disagreements happen in all walks of life, we understand that, however abusive behaviour directed towards any other player or Next Games staff member will not be tolerated. Please note that this applies to the language used in your player, survivor, and guild names as well.“

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    ATLAS-Z said:
    Superhero said:
    Jens_KF said:
    @Fluxxx I would be really happy to help you to filter for Nazi related names. Is there a way to search for guilds, while still being in a guild? And how can I pm you? 😄🙈

    I guess the only way would be a second account.
    Or leave your guild for a few minutes and then return?

    This isn´t an option if you wanna look for those su**ers regulary.