Mission Types in GW

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Hey guys,
there are many mission types in GW Beta:
- Kill all walkers
- Kill all walkers and exit
- Search the clues
- Reach the exit
- etc...???
Is there a pattern, so you can assaign the type of mission, e.g.
- Kill all walkers = no threat counter, no autospawn
- Kill all walkers and exit = threat counter, no autospawn
- Search the clues = no threat counter, autospawn
- Reach the exit = threat counter + autospawn
Would be great to know what mission type you get before starting...
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    It's random in my experience.  The only one where you can be exactly sure of what the mission is going to be like is the kill all walkers mission. 

    Generally a kill walkers and reach the exit will have autospawns.  Normally you have to kill either 8 or 15 and since the objective relies on walkers you can almost guarantee it's going to be packed so there will be autospawns and sometimes a threat counter too.  For any reach the exit or search for clues maps it varies mission to mission, sometimes there will just be a threat counter, sometimes autospawns, sometimes both. 

    The other aspect is whether there will be a gate, it never says whether you need to search for clues and open the gate, kill 15 and open a gate etc. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.  The small description helps and is a great addition but it could be expanded upon.  I would like to see opening a gate being the sole objective and the mission description showing this. Some consistency would be appreciated too, if every kill walkers and exit was autospawns, every reach the exit was threat counter only etc.

    Once NG have nailed the stability and format of the game mode I think the maps need a lot of work for balance.
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    Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. This will help a lot.
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