Ghost guilds with 0 score chain

@Fluxxx looks like there is a small bug in matchmaking or something else.

On Day2 of War3 we had funny situation.
Team Poland was ranked against Mavericks NW0
We thought it will be hard battle but instead they've made 0. Literaly ZERO points.

That was suspicious so we've checked with them directly :smiley:
So at the same time Mavericks NW0 were playing agains Taiwan Guild which also scored 0.

And at the same time CzSk Elite played against REAL Taiwan Guild. :smile: and there was real score

I'm realy curious against who did Taiwan Guild played. How it looked on their side.
We got information the there are more gulds having similar issue. (which was actually good for us ;) )

Summing up.
There is a bug when some guilds play agains a guild mockup when at the same time this guild is really playing against someone else.

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  • xbamfx
    xbamfx Member Posts: 1,421
    Can you lose to them? Or does the 0 just mean automatic win? Is it scoring and not showing up? Thanks 
  • grzechExp
    grzechExp Member Posts: 48
    You can't lose.
    If we would really fight against Mavs we would lost 7925 vs 8326. So thanks to this bug that we were playing agains 0 score Mav's ghost we won against them and at the same time they won against 0 ghost Taiwan.
    So win-win here