Guild War Current War Schedule

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Sorry if I missed it but what is the schedule for the current War, is it every other week or was it switched?


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    Fluxxx posted this in another thread.

    Hey! Glad you asked. So now that we've had a taste of the 1 week on, 1 week off format, we have more feedback and data to work with. We've just discussed this last week, and we're going to go with the mid-season break format, so: 2 weeks back to back, 1 week break, and 2 weeks back to back, then a 2-3 week break between each season.

    We're ironing out the details of the schedule right now to ensure it fits with our internal schedules, so there will be an official announcement later on, but the way it's going to play out is most likely:

    - After this season ends on August 17th, there will be a one week break
    - Season 5 starts on August 24th with the above format.
    - 2-3 week break afterwards
    - 1 Season per update
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    Kewl thanks Welly I knew it was some place.