New Pizza Guy Glenn season missions doesn't work with Daily Quests

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One of my Daily Quest is to kill 15 walkers with Glenn.
I tried both the new season missions with Pizza Guy Glenn and killed plenty of walkers and it still said 0/15 after.
The old mission with Glenn still works (Highlights 1).
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    S A M E .
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    Almost the same here. Today's objective for the 25 summer tokens is to get 25 kills with Rick. I tried the first mission of season one as Rick can shoot so many times in a round (still haven't figured why.) Killed 50 as I didn't bother to count during the mission. Turns out that none of those kills counted as kills made by Rick but they still counted for the kill 40 walkers objective.

    So is the bug coming from the mission or the new skins?

    Edit: 2nd mission of season one, same problem. But I tried a supply run with Rick in his sheriff's outfit and the kills did register. So I'd say that all the new Origins Season missions are bugged.