Congrats to the new champions

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Need to give credit where credit is due: Red Machine played a hell of a season @Vastich @SektorPriz

@WellyLuga already said this in another thread but their win deserves a thread of its own. Red Machine had the innovative strategy of playing smaller, 6-8 player teams right from the start. This gave them a 6000 point lead after the first week, and they held on to that lead throughout the season. 1-1 record against Mavericks and 1-1 record against Wild Walking (and I believe no losses in their matches against WW), so they certainly earned their title.

Now we know your strategy though, so I hope you’re ready for us again next season :wink:
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  • WellyLuga
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    Congratulations indeed, credit where credit is due. I can't say how motivated we will be next season given the system remains the same and we aren't a huge fan of it, but I can definitely say that we are sick to death of finishing 2nd. I think we've been runner up in every season of the Beta so far :lol:

    I hear whispers that a new force might be rising out of Germany too so season 5 will be interesting for sure!
  • SektorPriz
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    Thanks to the strong teams for not letting us relax.  And special thanks to our coordinator "Андрей В", without him this victory would not have happened.  The next season will be more difficult for everyone.  As I understand it, guild wars will be more frequent.  I would like to leave it as it was this season.  and about playing 8, 6 or 10, it's a choice of strategy.  if something is changed, then in any "balance" you can sacrifice something and win something.  at the beginning of the season we were afraid to go to 6g, now it's almost commonplace.  I hope next season we will be a good competition for all the top guilds
  • Karajoca
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    As i said in other thread, Masterpiece move in 1st week and well deserved win.
    It was well known from the start that playing with 6 can give more points in total, but it was incredible and unbelievable to me how big difference it can actually make. I guess i blindly wanted to believe that it's ok to play with 10.

    WW will lower the ball next season for sure, but will still try to win all matches and be in top 3. Unfortunately playing all 6 days doesn't suit us well, so we won't do it (or at least not every week) 

    Meanwhile, i know Red Machine guys cannot use Line chat application, and be in contact with rest of us, but i would like here to inform you that we are organising virtual guild competition - Wild Cup, and you are welcome to join if interested, get in touch with the rest of community  :)
  • Nova_TWD
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    Congratulations killers!
  • xbamfx
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    Lots of fun battling the top teams in GW, congratulations to this seasons champs Red Machine hehe (not dead machine this time 😆) Well deserved win, over at OG we salute you all for a nice tactic and a nice win against us. We will dust off and meet you on the GW battlefield soon 😉. 
  • Vastich
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    Thanks for the kind words friends, it is pleasant and important for us. So it's not in vain that we tried so hard :smiley:
    I hope and even sure that the next season will be certainly not less interesting and simultaneously difficult. And there are some another guilds which will be in progress and higher competitive than earlier, I know that.