Piercing Trait Upgrade please

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Please improve the Piercing Trait @Fluxxx
And if not, please provide an answer to WHY

This game is not balanced in the sense of Melee to Range. If we want to use the guns/rifles, and create threat. Let’s make it worthwhile!! 
Because right now we can’t control the extra threat we create. So what’s the point of putting ourselves in that predicament? 
The only time I feel I can use my range to 1/2 a standard is when they are +50% in attack. 
Doesn’t that tell you something. 
I want to use all my characters in the game. Not just the same group of 6/7 Toons after L40.
I want to continue to enjoy and play this game but do get a little tired of using the same people just to keep up. 



  • RiotZappa
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    They want you to only use melee, they know some people will spend gold on healing, if you can switch to ranges when all your melee are in the hospital you wouldn’t spend gold.

    I 100% agree with you though ranged are so crap over level 33 for me, only one I use over 33 is Sasha. Didn’t even bother getting Shane.