Humans and hospital time

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I'm in a more casual guild and got a question about the human missions.  That's where I'm taking all my damage and putting my peps in the hospital.  Is this normal even for the competitive guilds?  I use mele on all the walkers rounds and then turn around and change over to guns for the humans.  On a GW day I'm the 2nd highest in my guild so I wait until everyone else is done so I can do the higher up ones.  I end up sending just about everyone to the hospital in a short period because I don't have the time to wait.  I'm F2P so only I use gold for the small injuries but the large ones just have to wait.

Do you guys use defensive badges on a team of shooters, assaults and hunters or do I need to be be working on different armor?  Or is this just normal?  And/or does the guild need to use a different strategy?



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    Take 3 bruisers in human maps.
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    I run Shooter Maggie lead with 2 Bruisers I don’t use in my walker maps. 
    Keep Maggie back and shoot when necessary and use the Bruisers. 
    Very easily done and saves your A-Team 
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    3 bruisers lead by Eugene in humans and I rarely even get bruised
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    Ok, that sounds like a plan. 2 or 3 bruisers it is.  I was trying to save them for the walkers but I guess I don't if they aren't going to get hurt.
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    Check the opponents first to see who has antistun armor on and which of the ranged defenders have revenge, fire, and interrupt. Click the little icons to see this.

    Very important if you take any ranged in!

    For ftp:

    If you do go in with ranged consider Tara lead for heals because that saves you time and gold if you have the last one or two humans stunned while you charge heal whoever needs it on walkers.

    I do this and primarily use Tara (with revenge), a top shelf bruiser, and one ranged with fire, interrupt, or stun. If i don't fully heal back up before the end, i can cycle in another shooter (haggie), top shelf bruiser, or hunter/assault as needed. The hospital doesn't get too overwhelmed this way. When other heros get better traits, items and badges, then follow different strategies.