Strategies for filling specific equipment holes

I'm certainly not the only one with this issue, so I thought I might revive an old discussion: are there any faster ways (beyond chance) to fill gaps in equipment? (for free-to-play)
For weapons, the issue seems to have become moot as pretty much everyone now can use (and upgrade) unique weapons that are superior for each class. For armor, however, the problem remains. Let's say you've been waiting around for some reasonable Scout armor but simply haven't hit. Meanwhile, you're sitting on multiples for other classes. Any ideas how to improve Scout chances?
The two ways I can think of would be to pay out 12.5k trade goods for Legendary scout armor with unknown traits when they land, or wait for the right match in the Guild Shop. Any others?


  • Gothgul
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    12.5K option can help, it's a numbers game if you are just looking for random chance. Hard Distance can get you some, and grinding scavenging missions for gear, especially during jackpot events. For scout all you really need is gold ruthless and hazzard, so a little easier than finding a perfect 3 trait set. The good thing is once you get one, can keep leveling it with tokens if needed.
  • WellyLuga
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    Personally I wouldn't worry about armour for scouts. As long as you have something with gold ruthless it's all you need, no matter the level. A maxed armour with hazard can occasionally save you if you make a mistake but those instances are so rare.

    If I was looking for armour for a particular class I would repeat the distance where that class was the legendary gear and buy all the armours I could see from the TG shop. This week is scout week so there is a good chance a few will be armours.
  • Gothgul
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    Hazzard for burning walkers mainly, otherwise you'll take a lot of damage without ever being hit
  • toscanini
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    Thanks. All very good comments.