Wild Cup 3 - consistently evolving virtual event made by players is about to start once again !

Wild Cup is a virtual event made by Wild Walking family with, at first, idea to be little competition inside of our family, but we invited few friends, and they invited few their friends and....well, here we are  :D 

1st event was made in November 2019, had 120 players and was played across 4 weeks
2nd event had 180 people, played in April 2020, was a nice thing to do in middle of covid apocalypse  :) 
And now, we are consisting 288 players, 16 teams, we will play next 3 weeks during break between GW seasons, and i think final format of competition is finally developed, and this will continue to happen 2-3 times per year with same number of teams and similar number of players involved.

I never wrote about what we are doing, here on forums, but wanted to post this now, because i want once again to thank in public all this great people who made it possible,

my dear "minions" who help gather huge amount of players data and scores and insert those in our tables - @Caryl @Trae @Lily @Killergirl
Amazing @KeepGen who did all the posters and logos for teams and players
2 time champion and now helper on the draft list, person who definitely knows my game better then me :D  @Jens_KF
To all the leaders who once again stepped up and did massive work, drafting players in 4 sleepless days ( i won't tag you all  :p )
Thanks to all guilds from all over the world who brought big number of their members and provided needed stats to help everything be done fast and smoothly !

And of course thanks to everyone In WW family, without them i wouldn't even come to idea of making something like this, and i could only do it with great support from my lovely @Killergirl who is there for me when i thought to give up and send you all to hell (yeah, it could happen few times  :D )

Oh, and special thanks to @Fluxxx who recognized our efforts, and always asked how he can help. He let me choose challenge map-sets for next 3 weeks, and i picked carefully, trying to make challenges not too easy but not too hard at same time. (If someone don't like it, i am the person to blame )
I see that also 1st week will be covered by Halved Healing times - great help for all players who will be giving their best ! Very nice  :)

Good luck to everyone playing, hope we all have fun, and may the best team win !

Here are some screenshots from previous and current event