Flaw in Shane’s LT

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A Video will be posted to follow. 

With Shane’s ability to kill walkers around the intended walker that dies with his LT, as he takes 1/2 the health. If he kills more walkers around him, He is not rewarded in these deaths with charge points. 
In the video I show him killing a fattie with a normal walker who explodes next to him. I’ve done this video purely for demonstration. 
But you sure would think Shane would be rewarded in killing those around the initial death. 
It’s a shame to hinder him in this way. 
Is there a way of rectifying this in the update?@Fluxxx  


  • Burmeliinis
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    Agree, I also posted about this right after Shane was released. This issue should really be fixed.
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    Here: https://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/comment/418701/#Comment_418701

    Ok got him unlocked and did a quick test. And it was not good.

    It seems the explosive bullets activate immediately, after each enemy is killed, but unlike follow through you don’t get charge points for walkers killed by exploding. So in one case I killed 4 walkers clumped together, but was only awarded 2 charge points!

    I would call this a bug.

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    It seems for me that it work like to kill an exploding walker with range survivor. There you also don't get charge point for walker that are kill be the exploding walker
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    This is most likely intended.
    Almost definitely not a bug.

    Just like grenadiers.
    The damage is NOT done by your survivor. 

    Follow through is not a good example. That trait redirects remaining  damage DONE by survivor, making it kill by survivor.

    Not saying I like it. But at least NG follow-up on their own logic, in this case...
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    Honestly I think it would actually make his trait overpowered if this was the case, remember that at level 8 the damage caused by his exploding bullets will be 100% if you could get charged by killinga single walker with 2 next to it every time wouldn’t that be OP? 

    Edit: don’t get me wrong I’d love it if they changed it but can’t see it happening. 
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    That is not good indeed.
    If the shot itself already kills the walkers without need of explosion. Then it should definitely count as a kill
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    I think you should get red gas with every kill 

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    The problem is that the explosions happen before regular damage. Let's say Shane deals 10,000 dmg and he hits 2 walkers with 1,000 health next to each other. A normal survivor would kill both and get 2 charge points.

    However, with Shane, he kills the first and the explosion kills the second - before the second gets any regular damage at all - and Shane only gets 1 charge point.

    NG should change it so that regular damage is first dealt to all walkers, and explosion damage is dealt only after this.
    And this is why i probably won't unlock him for some time. I need my charge points to play a hero!
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    All and all. 
    Was just an thought 
    @jimmorrison369 definitely not a bug. 
    Wasn’t trying to imply that. 
    But it’s all good. Thought I’d bring it up :) 
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    Sorry, I know this is a 4 month thread, but I wanted to bump it because I was actually going to start a new thread on the same subject in regards to Shane's LT.

    I have also noticed when I kill 2 walkers in Shane's line of range (red X) with extremely low health, I only get rewarded one charge point as the LT effect takes priority over the standard attack so the 2nd walker is registered as killed by the explosive bullets and not Shane's attack. Shouldn't the base attack have top priority followed by the LT effect? This really needs to be looked at and hopefully adjusted as this actually penalizes the player the higher Shane is upgraded because the increase in his LT widens the range of this situation happening. And if no change is made then at least make aware of this in the LT description saying the explosive bullets effect may cancel out charge points if the walker is killed by it.