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Hey guys,
i want to know what traits (suvivor/hero, weapon and armor) you prefer. Also if you use meele  or range survivor.
I think reatail, bullet dodge, dodge, iron skin  and damage trait for survivor...
What are your chioces?
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    I've been using a mixture of melee and ranged in my teams. Things are a little different in GW battles rather than outpost defense, there is no cover so traits like sniper harness has gone from being really useful on outpost to being useless in GW defense.

    I think certain traits like vigilant, defensive stance, power strike, sure shot and ruthless aren't very helpful. Bullet dodge, retaliate, revenge, iron skin, dodge, critical aim and I guess strong/marksman for the added damage. 

    The main thing I tried to get on my teams is either a hunter or a shooter with an incendiary weapon as that can sometimes instantly kill one of your survivors if a melee attack reduces the green bar to zero whilst on fire. 
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    chainsaw has instakill without that fire bug 1hp
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    @WellyLuga: Thx mate. I like it to read most of your comments! <3
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