Dream Challenge

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Who the hell designed Hell Judges...? You get the design award for the "Take my gold please" map of set!
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  • 3vilrine
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    Is this supposed to happen? The "Prisoner" did not run away and died. The map immediatly ended with defeat. Exit was not light up and all "openers" were used. @Fluxxx

  • Wattlauefer
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    That really not a map for only melee fighters. Maybe you need at least one charged assault for stun or clear map before open the gates. The prisoners seems to use the nearest door to excape. The prisoners should be high level warrior so that they can also attack and kill walkers
  • Reeconn
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    And they give us Charged Shooters 
  • Superhero
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    The whole challenge sucks. Way to many corners, spikes, fattis and armored.

  • Governator
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    Yep. Officially sucks. Open doors and crates and spawn appears with no chance to move unless you run with Glenn. Devs need to be on trial with these Hell Judges. :naughty:
  • m4s
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    Not devs! But 
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  • WellyLuga
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    3vilrine said:
    Is this supposed to happen? The "Prisoner" did not run away and died. The map immediatly ended with defeat. Exit was not light up and all "openers" were used. @Fluxxx

    The same happened to me, I think when you open the cells they sprint past to the top right corner. I was so busy dealing with the constant spawns from the beginning, middle and end to notice what had happened until the mission failed. 

    There are some cool maps here and the idea behind player designed maps is awesome but I'm not sure  the concept of balance was even considered here. Did these maps even get tested above RSL40? :lol:
  • Stalker20
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    Building blocks, twice the freeman assault has been nearer to the spikey yet preferred to attack my survivors 🙄
  • Jankel
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    With KAZ I had fun, with Dream I'm bored ... I don't know how much sense it makes to increase the spins by spending gold to death unnecessarily. If gold = fun then that's okay, but if gold = more boredom, I can walk my dog I fun the most  
  • Paste
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    I can't say I didn't see this coming. When people designed these they were motivated to make them hard and interesting. For the story mode and season missions that would have worked great, but for repeatedly replaying on harder and harder difficulty it's frustrating. What we actually like in challenges is bland, predictable and easy (once you learn the strategy). No one wants to make maps like that.
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  • Karajoca
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    We asked for it, and we got what we wanted, no going back now  :D 

    I see this as a free weekend, nothing wrong with it. Not possible after level 43 or so ? hell yeah, why not ? I am sure some  people in this crazy community will find a way to do even this maps on insane levels, it's just a matter of time. This are only first reactions to indeed, very hard maps, but i see nice ideas behind all this and wish this work continue.

    Furthermore i think halved healing times are more then needed for this week...
  • Governator
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    Yep @WellyLuga. Great idea, but horrible execution. I had one of the prisoners get into a struggle and I freed him by killing the walker that grabbed him. He just stood there and didn’t run away. Walkers killed him the next round and I wasted 8 gas on the MM. 

    I am already so done with this Challenge. Looking forward to a nice weekend of not playing the Challenge. 
  • Thunderstorm
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    This ain't a dream challenge..... It's a dream nightmare! Spikes everywhere. 
  • pkaygh1
    pkaygh1 Member Posts: 18
    This ain't a dream challenge..... It's a dream nightmare! Spikes everywhere. 
    The whole challenge is messed up...
  • 3vilrine
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    Hi, im a walker that spawns through closed gates from body pile.

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  • LoneWanderer360
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    I also had prisoners just stand there and wait to be killed.
  • rogueDS
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    Did Not attack savior once was insane like what the hell they walked side by side like a whisperer  is this supposed to happen?   
  • XeRo
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    I am the sadomasochistic creator of Hell Judges


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    Dono do Hell Judges

  • NerfZone187
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    Damn .....I almost fired up the ol acct to play this mapset too 😭
  • pkaygh1
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    I don’t know what you complain about? I love this challenge! Yes , it’s hard, but so what? It’s supposed to be a challenge! Compare this to the Bar Challenge where it was a mindless grind to 3000 points. Here you reed to think about what you are doing.

    I like it! Great work NG!
    Just when you thought all was good, a mindless walker appears out of nowhere to prove you wrong... This indeed is the definition of challenge, first of its kind
  • zeeblack
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    After playing the Nightmare Challenge (Sorry the Dream Challenge Pt. 1), the only thing that comes to my mind.


    This is what I think of the map creators when I play the challenge

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  • BttlOpener
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    I wouldn't put all the blame on the Dream Challenge winners, although they are certainly implicated.  I think it would be great for those who designed these maps to give their critique on how NG interpreted their vision.  Having said that, I have only played these maps on my alt account and thought WTF.  Can't wait to play on my main account..   :#
  • Jankel
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    Danski_46  exactly.. At this point only the Metal Heads are missing to complete the unhealthy work..    :s
  • Stalker20
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    Could have thrown some fast walkers in too 🤣
  • zombieornottobe
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    I do have to admit, I did enjoy watching the armored walker say fts and walk out the door in the upper left conceding the mission after I killed the next to the last walker and headed his way.
  • NerfZone187
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    Danski_46 said:
    Could have thrown some fast walkers in too 🤣
    Who's still posting content on YT? I would like to see these new maps played at higher levels. @WellyLuga