Visible appreciation of achievements GW / Challenge

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Visible appreciation of achievements GW / Challenge

I came up with an idea how NG could rework the existing profile borders, which do not really get much attention at the moment.
As in many other games, it is common to be able to show a kind of visualization of success -- also called 'The Achievements'.
These anonymous 'Jane Doe' pictures are not really impressive ...

You need something that reflects the achievement/goals you have reached. Especially for the 'Challenge' and 'Guild Wars'.
At the moment there is not even a special recognition for the guild that takes first place at the end. Except for a meager "the season
is over screen". The following boarders are inspired by a different game (Overwatch) as an example of what it might be could look like. (I am not a graphic designer).

Here you could choose from anything you achieved already in this game.
Let it be:
Top 40 Guild Wars (You could even go into detail Top 40 Season 5 for example)
Top 30 Guild Wars
Top 20 Guild Wars
Top 10 Guild Wars
(and maybe a special #1 boarder for the winners)

In the same breath, this could also be implemented for the challenge.
For example:
Top 100 - 50 Challenge
Top 40
Top 30
Top 20
Top 10
Top 5
(and maybe a special #1 boarder for the best of a specific challenge)

And for the sake of completeness, how the
whole could look in the member area of the guild.

I know that this means a lot of work for the designer. But quite something that you should let go through your head for future
updates. In my opinion that would bring a nice element to the endless grind, something that you can look forward to you might achieve at one point.
Alot of competitive games are only played to "reach top 500" or reach Grandmaster for example. So why this shouldn't be something for this game.
Any further ideas are always welcome.
The system for these boarders are already existing, so you are not even in need to create a
hole new concept/system for that. That's it from me. @Fluxxx @Vane



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    Awesome work @3vilrine!

    You saved me some trouble because this is kind of thread i was preparing  :D    

    People are excited about virtual events made by playersj(Nation Wars, Wild Cup) just because winning (or even participating) give you some kind of recognition in game,results stay in our memory, everyone knows who is the winner.
    I don't even know howmany times i managed to be on top of challenge board with my guild and what? 2 days later new challenge start and last week like never happened...This is especially important in GW since its a mode which requires great team effort and not having proper visual achievement after all hard work is ridiculous 
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    I support this 100

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  • As a casual player, I love this. Achievements definitely make me want to do better in other games, even if there isn’t an active campaign. I could also see achievements for distance: maybe the number of distances your have completed and/or done it without losing a player for all distance map sets. Make a few achievements that can be attained individually for those without guild support, too.
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    This is a very cool idea, thanks for suggesting and elaborating on it! We've thought of some similar ideas in the past, so we'll definitely discuss this and explore our options :) 
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    Im still interested in "Achievements" btw.. :) /push

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    This would be really nice. And when viewing a player or guild profile popup, have a list of badges acquired which we can tap that have a text popup describing that achievement.
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