Recruiting members

I just don't think it's good sportsmanship/appropriate to get accepted into/request to be in an "open" Guild just to try and recruit/woo a strong member to another team and then leave the Guild minutes later. Trying to recruit members belongs in the forums only or as NG states recruitment should be.

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    I am a Co-Leader nicknamed as BRUCE LEE from my Hardcore Guild: Singapore KiaS inviting active players preferably above Player Level 70 to join us. Foreigners are all welcome. Weekly Challenge Missions must be above 100 Challenge Stars per week required from each member and if registered for Guild Wars, all 18 Attacks must be used up asap. No participants of Guild Wars would be deserters. We don't waste our precious time on lame members who want to play on their own without contributing anything to build up a very good team work altogether. If your lousy Guild has many deserters in Weekly Challenge missions and Guild Wars often slowing down your progress, then come over here. Currently, we have one vacancy left for you to join us. First come first serve. Thank you.
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